Friday, August 05, 2005

Getting Started with the new Google adwords keyword System

A couple of days ago 'Googloo' woke up one morning to find that some or may be even most of keywords were "Inactive", requiring higher bid prices to be reactivated. All thanks to Google! It's deeply appreciated.

Well Mr Googloo tries to explain you, how dose this new system works.

when you start a campaign, Google assign some quality based minimum bids for each and every keyword unlike the older system where you can bid at Rs 3 for all the keyword.

Your Keyword is Active or Inactive depending upon whether your Max CPC (bid) is heigher or lower then Min Bid estimated by Google respectively.

Once your keyword is active, The minimum required quality Bid keeps on changing depending upon the performance of your keyword.Now this is the tricky part, if your keyword is performing your min bid remains at that level or might go down otherwise and in most cases the bid will rise.

For all of you who wants to be a master of SEM, here is the imporatnt tip from 'Googloo' himself. Make sure you optimize your creatives in such a way that your ad creative contains the keyword, that increases the relevency of your ad creative and will give you a better CTR and in turn a lower CPC.


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