Monday, September 05, 2005

Googloo finds a Search Engine without Click Frauds and without Bidding Process

According to industry studies, click fraud accounts for 10% to 30% of all clicks received on internet advertisements. With internet advertising revenues at $4 Billion and expected to exceed $7 Billion by 2008, fraudulent clicks represent an alarming, growing problem for advertisers. is turning the pay-per-click advertising model on its head, by charging a fixed monthly fee for keywords and keyword phrases. Regardless of the number of clicks the advertiser receives on its advertisement during the course of a month, the cost of the keyword or keyword phrase will remain fixed.'s fixed paid advertising system eliminates the bidding process for keyword phrases." Advertiser bidding has sent the cost of many keyword phrases into double digit dollar amounts per click, with some words and phrases actually hitting the triple digit dollar amount.

Replacing the bidding process, is offering all keywords and keyword phrase listings at the price of only 25 cents each. The company requires a $2.00 minimum monthly purchase (good for up to 8 words or phrases), so it can absorb transaction costs. will give the opportunity to the first 12 advertisers signing up for a particular keyword or phrase, to continually rotate into the coveted top position. With each search for a particular keyword or phrase, the top 12 advertiser links will be rotated on a random basis. On average, every 12 searches will see the advertiser being in each of the first 12 positions. These same top 12 advertisers will have the added benefit of seeing their ads appear on each page that is searched for a particular keyword or phrase.

Googloo says happy Search Marketing.


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