Sunday, November 27, 2005

Google Search on your TV

Well dont go in to the literal meaning of the title , , , Google displaying ads in your Tv Commercial is a little far fetched thing right now, , , but "TIVO" is working with Comcast and others to enable users to search ads based on relevency.

TiVo users will be able to set up a profile of products on their television screens by clicking on categories such as automotive or travel or typing in keywords such as “BMW” or “cruises.” On a regular basis, TiVo will then download relevant commercials to TiVo recorders over the Internet or, for those users who don’t have broadband, send the video via traditional broadcast signals. The commercials will appear on-screen in a folder next to the list of television shows TiVo users record.

Advertisers will associate their ads, according to the Journal, with keywords and categories (a la Google AdWords/AdSense


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