Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google Simplifies life for Its Advertisers.

Google has come up with yet another innovation to make it's other innovations even simple and user friendly.

In it's recent development, Google has made certain changes like a common login Id for its many products like gmail, adwords, froogle etc. Now you don’t have to remember 10 different login Ids and passwords for Google products, one simple ID and password will do the trick.

In another development, Google Adwords has changed its user interface and have introduced few innovations to make life simpler for its advertisers.

Now Google Adwords gives an option of creating separate Contextual bids for all the keywords in the same adgroup meaning that you don’t need to create a separate Adgroup to allocate a different bid for the Content Campaigns.

This essentially means that in the same adgroup there will two different Bids for every Keyword , for Search & for Content, unlike the earlier system where you have to create a different campaign to be able to bid separately for Contextual Placements.


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