Sunday, June 18, 2006

anticipated Google Ad scheduling is finally here

Google now allows you to schedule exactly when your AdWords run.

With this ad scheduling (aka “dayparting”), you can also “automatically modify ... bids based on time-of-day and day-of-week cycles in campaign performance.”

Lets see how to do it , , ,

(1) First locate the campaign/s you want to set up for ad scheduling. You will see a "New" word in red, that is the ad scheduling option.

(2) Click on "Turn on ad scheduling" ad you will be asked to confirm your time zone, once again. Please set your correct time zone.

(3) Moving to the Ad Scheduling page, this is what the basic ad scheduling page looks.

(4) Scheduling things up and then moved on to test out the "advanced mode" to set up the customised bids.

That is it . . . .


Blogger Shanya Alam said...

Isnt this what you said Google should have.. when we were discussing about what google needs to add.. what it lacks.. hmm.. impressive.. you think beyond the mighty Google.. great!! I think this will make a lot of people's life easier.. specially the forgetful ones. :)

8:08 AM


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